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For 60 years the name “Cook” has been synonymous with wireless communications in the San Joaquin Valley. However, what you might not know is the national impact that the name has had on the wireless industry nationwide.

In 1947 a young Air Force veteran named Don Cook founded Electronic Specialties Company, a radio repair business. This company would later become known as Cook’s Communications. From these early beginnings, few knew that the pioneering efforts of Don Cook would have a major impact on the wireless industry long before the word “wireless” became a part of our culture.

A couple of the major products spearheaded by Cook’s Communications included the “Cook’s Radio Pager”, one of the first pagers imported into the US from Japan, and the “Cook’s Radio Telephone”, a precursor to the cellular phones we use to this day.

Today, Cook’s Communications continues to lead the way in the two-way radio industry. Led by Bob and Peggy Cook, the company continues to provide radio service to Central California. In 1999 Cook’s continued its pioneering ways by introduced the FleetStat AVL product line currently being sold through radio dealers nationwide.

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